Welcome to Alma Media’s year 2012

Alma Media Corporation’s Annual Review 2012 is an online publication with comprehensive information on various perspectives.

Among other things, this Annual Review covers Alma Media's

  • financial development in 2012
  • business development in 2012
  • operating environment and strategy implementation
  • corporate responsibility

The online Annual Review's front page mosaic serves as a table of contents. Click on a part of the mosaic to read content on the subject in question. Content areas displaying a link icon are links to Alma Media's Group website.

On the content pages, the headings for the current section will be displayed in a floating navigation menu on the right of the screen. You can also read additional information related to the displayed content in the information boxes adjacent to the floating navigation menu.

The majority of the charts in the Annual Review are interactive. Move your mouse pointer on chart content to display the relevant description and figure. You can also click on chart labels to add or remove data series.

Alma Media's Annual Review is easily accessible on tablet devices and smartphones.