Awards and recognition in 2012

Alma Media received several awards and recognition in 2012. Tyrvään Sanomat was chosen as the best local newspaper in 2012 in the twice-weekly category  in a local newspaper competition organised by the Finnish Newspapers Association.  The newspaper received particular praise for its interesting front page. Kankaanpään Seutu placed second and was also awarded for having the best website in its competition category. Jämsän Seutu was the winner in category of small newspapers published a minimum of three times weekly. The jury praised the newspaper’s front page and content related to the lives of young people. Valkeankosken Sanomat was chosen as second-best in the same category and recognised for having the best website.

Uusi Rovaniemi was given an award for being the year’s best town paper in a town paper competition organised by the Finnish Newspapers Association. Raahelainen was the runner-up. Meri-Lapin Helmi received an honourable mention for its exemplary interaction with readers. Journalist Satu Koho won an award for the best article in a town paper for her story published in the Forum24 town paper. Taina Nuutinen’s article in Meri-Lapin Helmi placed third. Kari Mankonen of Porin Sanomat received an award for the best press photo of the year published in a town paper.  Meri-Lapin Helmi Editor-in-Chief Annemari Kelhä placed third in the best press photo competition category.

Aamulehti was recognised in the Best of the Year competition organised by the Finnish Newspapers Association, receiving the first prize in the feature category.

Magazines produced by Alma 360 won awards in Folio Magazine’s Eddie&Ozzie magazine competition: OP-Pohjola Group financial publication Chydenius was the first runner-up in the Best Overall Design, Custom category, while SAK Arvo was right behind as the second runner-up in the same competition category. Chydenius magazine was also awarded the silver prize in the Publication Graphics category of the Top of 2011 competition. The magazine was praised for being sophisticated and of high quality throughout, with fine detail. 

Alma Manu was awarded membership in the prestigious Wan-Ifra Color Quality Club for the period 2012-2014 at the World Publishing Expo. Alma Manu’s Tampere printing facility participated in the competition with Aamulehti, and the Rovaniemi facility with Lapin Kansa.

The Responsible Summer Job campaign organised by the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation, Alma Media and was named the non-profit communication activity of 2011. The award is given out annually by the Finnish Association of Non-profit Communication.